The SNEAPA Committee is seeking volunteers to help this year's virtual conference run smoothly!

  • Non-Session Virtual Activities Planners: you’ll be coming up with programming for our conference outside of the traditional sessions. This may include virtual games, targeted or general networking, mentoring programs, and who knows what else your creativity will think of! This commitment will vary, we’re hoping to have an initial planning/brainstorming session early/mid-August and the commitment will vary based on your level of involvement.
  • Zoom Hosts/Moderators: We’ll need help staffing the various conference and networking rooms. We’ll do some training to make sure you have the job down pat before going live for the conference.
  •  Session Proposal Reviewers (especially from Connecticut and Rhode Island!): you’ll be receiving an email later today announcing the call for sessions, so we’ll need people to help us review sessions. Depending on the number of volunteers and the number of session proposals, we expect this job will take 2 – 6 hours in late August and early September.

To volunteer for any of these jobs, please reply email us at news@sneapa.org.