Exhibitor Instructions

Thank you for choosing to be an Exhibitor/Vendor at the 2018 Southern New England Regional Planning Conference! The Conference Committee appreciates your support and we trust that having access to 600+ planning professionals over this 2-day event will of great benefit your organization.

Below please find some preliminary information regarding the Connecticut Convention Center (CTCC):

Exhibitor/Vendor Information

  • The 2018 SNEAPA Regional Planning Conference will occupy a portion of Level 6 of the CTCC, more specifically Ballroom B and “Cityside” meeting rooms 21-27.
  • Exhibitor/Vendor spaces will be located in the pre-function area directly opposite Ballroom B, and also along the exterior wall of the corridor which serves “Cityside” meeting rooms 21-27.
  • Individual Exhibitor/Vendor spaces will consist of an 8 foot long table and 2 chairs to be provided by SNEAPA.
  • All Exhibitor/Vendor areas will be accessible for setup beginning at 6:00 AM on Thursday October 18.
  • Exhibitors/Vendors are expected to carry all of their equipment and display materials from the parking garage to their assigned space.
  • If any specific Exhibitor/Vendor requires use of the CTCC loading dock, there will be an additional charge for the same which will be the responsibility of the Exhibitor/Vendor.
  • All Exhibitors/Vendors will be assigned a specific space to occupy so that provision for individual needs can be addressed on a case-specific basis.
  • SNEAPA will provide WiFi but other needs are the responsibility of the Exhibitor/Vendor. See link below to directly contact CTCC staff regarding provision of power, etc. to your assigned Exhibitor/Vendor space. Any costs associated with same will be the responsibility of the Exhibitor/Vendor. 
  • Any specific Exhibitor/Vendor needs must be forwarded to the CTCC by September 27, 2018 in accordance with established requirements.
  • Please note there will be no pipe and drape partitions separating the vendor spaces, so please plan accordingly.
  • View the CTCC sales brochure which includes a detailed floorplan.    

Again, the Conference Committee thanks you for choosing to be an Exhibitor/Vendor at the 2018 SNEAPA Regional Planning Conference, and we look forward to working with you to make this event an unparalleled success!

For additional information, please see the Convention Center's website