Student Poster Symposium

Student Poster Display

The SNEAPA conference will include an exciting opportunity for students to submit a poster for display in the conference hallways. This will give you a chance to display your work and connect with other professional planners who view the posters. Your poster can be work from a previous academic year but you must be a current student to participate. The poster must be related to the field of planning and the poster should have summary text of key points so that it can be understood as a stand-alone product. There are no dimensional or format requirements for the posters and students are encouraged to review their previous work for projects or illustrations that can be easily converted for this poster submission.

In order to submit a poster, please email a one-paragraph summary of your poster and/or a visual sample of your poster to Students may submit more than one poster for the same project or multiple posters for different projects.

 Poster Design

This website has excellent design guidelines for a professional style poster; however, engaging artistic and creative displays are also welcome.