Mobile Workshops

This year’s SNEAPA Conference features opportunities to explore Providence and other communities:

Thursday, October 26:

9:15AM- 10:45AM
RIPTA – Providence Downtown Transit Connector

RIPTA, in cooperation with the City of Providence, is currently designing the Downtown Transit Connector (DTC). The DTC is a 1.5-mile, high-frequency bus transit and multimodal transportation corridor between Providence’s Amtrak/MBTA Station and the Hospital District. RIPTA plans to consolidate seven existing bus routes onto a high-frequency downtown corridor, with buses every 4-5 minutes during peak periods. The project will also entail infrastructure and operational improvements that include high-quality, widely-spaced stations; dedicated bus lanes; transit signal priority; and distinctive branding. These enhancements will create faster, more reliable, and more appealing service through downtown Providence.  Explore the neighborhoods to be serviced by this project on this bus and walking tour.  Limit: 50 people.  Price: $25.

I-195: After Years of Planning, Things are Moving!

This tour will visit the former I-195 corridor through Downtown Providence. After years of planning and a massive highway relocation, the stage is set for redevelopment of the surplus highway land. On this walking tour, we’ll see the progress of the public and private improvements, both completed and underway.  Transportation: Foot
Limit: 25 people.  Price: $25

River Corridor 

This tour will visit many sites for development and redevelopment along this historic corridor through the Valley and Olneyville neighborhoods. From food-oriented businesses, to “eco” office buildings, to riverfront parkland, come see what’s happening along “The Woony”.  Transportation: Foot and Bicycle. Limit: 25 people.  Price: $35

Keeping History Above Water

This tour will visit the RISD campus where guests will see a model developed for the historic Point neighborhood in Newport, RI. Guests will learn about ways to plan for sea-level rise without disrupting the historic neighborhood fabric.  This session will end at the RISD Museum.  Transportation: Foot.  Limit: 25 people.  Price: $25

5:30-6:30PM and 8-9PM
Ghost Tours

Historic walking tours of College Hill with an emphasis on its spookier residents and events.  Transportation: Foot.  Limit: 25 people per tour.  Price: $15


Friday, October 27:


2PM-4PM (or later)
PawSox: Planning for the Future

Minor league sports are big business in New England!  But they’re more than that. They are a source of local identity and sense of place. Our beloved Pawtucket Red Sox (and we are ALL Red Sox fans, right Connecticut?) are contemplating a move from historic McCoy stadium to a new location downtown. In this tour you’ll see both, and learn from team and city officials why they advocate the move. This session may run later if folks want to visit the Brewers Guild for some local beer!  Transportation: Bus. Limit: 35 people.  Price: $35