The Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut Chapters of the American Planning Association organize an annual regional planning conference known as the Southern New England APA Conference (SNEAPA).

Typically held in the Fall, the conference is one of the best learning experiences for APA/AICP members in the region.  The conference features two days of high quality, hands-on and interactive sessions, mobile workshops, planning law and planning ethics presentations, member networking, vendor contacts, plus a few surprises.

For AICP members, this is a valuable experience to gain those much needed credits for Certification Maintenance.  Whether you are an APA member, an AICP member, a student, or a person with an interest in the practice of Planning, this conference always delivers something for everyone!

The conference is held in one of the three states on a rotating basis. Rhode Island is hosting the 2017 SNEAPA Conference at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence on October 26 and 27, 2017.  The conference is organized by volunteer APA Chapter members representing each of the three states. Explore this website for details on the program and other activities.